Tours & Transfers

We aim to make your journey extraordinary by delivering unparalleled service and unforgettable experiences.  When it comes to tours, transport and travel, we do this with the assistance of our trusted partners.  Together we have carefully selected a number of exceptional tours for you to enjoy during your visit to the Western Cape.

The attached brochure highlights some of the most popular tours and experiences that our guests have enjoyed.

Each tour can be tailored to your specific needs so please do speak with a member of the hotel team for advice or suggestions on how to combine some trips to your unique requirements and interests.

Some of the popular tours are;

– The Fynbos Tour
– The Mother City Tour
– The Grape Tour
– The Peninsula Tour
– The Big Splash Tour
– The Safari Tour
– The Design Tour
– The Township Tour

Please download a copy of our tour brochure below and speak with one of our Guest Service Agents who will ensure that an unforgettable experience is put together for you.